Hours and Location

Flat Tire Clinic

Limit of 10 people so we are pre registering in person or by phone $10 per person at South Shore Cyclery.

There will be refreshments and snacks. You will learn why certain types of flats happen,

how to change a flat tire, what you need to have on hand and gain some insight into some flat preventative measures. 

After instruction you can change one on your own.  Bring your bike or use one of ours.

Drive Train Clinic

"Come one come all" learn how to perform basic maintenance on your bicyle drive train.

This class will be held multiple times this season.

We will teach you various steps on how to maintain you drive train. Cleaning and Lubrication, Wear and Maintenance cycles.  How to fix a broken chain.

South Shore Cyclery for various questions of how to take care of your ride.

"Fix-A-Flat" Clinic "Drive Train" Clinic
March 30th 2016 7pm April 20th 2016 7pm
May 11th 2016 7pm June 1st 2016 7PM
June 22nd 7pm July 13th 7pm

To sign up for these classes you can stop in or call SSC at 414-831-0211